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Dual Cultivation

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Chapter 913 – Frozen Azure Cave ugly shelter
‘Oh, Ziyi, I really expect you’re in there…’ Su Yang sighed inwardly because he commenced flying toward the maximum of your hill.
‘Oh, Ziyi, I truly believe you’re in there…’ Su Yang sighed inwardly when he commenced piloting toward the top with the mountain.
Their process ongoing for several far more days and nights until it absolutely was some time of the assembly.
“Xiao Rong!” Su Yang called along to her.
The immediate they observed each of these, they began flying on their path.
“The Reddish colored-Confronted Lizard is not merely highly effective but it features a exclusive capability that could spit out dangerous saliva that goes as quickly as a soaring value and almost impossible to avoid, and unlike the mist it lets out, its saliva is very dangerous and can instantly wipe out us when it even details it.”
Even so, there was an individual challenge. The mountain peak itself was incredibly large and reached the heavens, where there didn’t are considered any routes they could wander to venture to the very best, leaving all of them with just one single choice.
Dual Cultivation
People were special, nevertheless they weren’t there just yet, and it’d take them another two days or weeks to attain the vicinity whenever they ongoing to go at their existing speed.
Even though awesome beasts were definitely many kilometers gone, they shut the distance in minutes.
Naturally, there were experiences with mystical beasts which were even more powerful than Xiao Rong.
“In fact, given that I think it over, it has to be great regardless of whether we attract the wonderful beasts. As long as we achieve the Frosty Azure Cave, Ziyi will handle them for us.” Su Yang then stumbled on this recognition.
The enchanting monster published an agonizing weep which has been boisterous enough to shake the bushes and soil.
These folks were shut, but they weren’t there just yet, and it’d drive them another two days to achieve the region if they extended to move at their up-to-date pace.
“Master…” Xiao Rong viewed him, who had been resting on the floor and developing.
“The best way to fight for against an ability should be to cover yourself in psychic energy it cannot pierce. Nevertheless, neither of them individuals are powerful enough to block it with this spiritual energy, therefore we can just avoid it.”
“Xiao Rong!” Su Yang referred to as in the market to her.
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They could do this again course of action every time they experienced an enchanting beast, and whilst it was extremely exhausting for Su Yang, he carried on to deal with it, as they quite simply ended up so in close proximity to attaining the Frozen Azure Cave. On top of that, when he considered assembly Luo Ziyi once again, he would acquire some strength back and continue pus.h.i.+ng additional.
“Xiao Rong!” Su Yang known as off to her.
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Xiao Rong then employed her psychic energy to come to the enchanting beast’s imagination, halting its mobility for the break up next. During that divided following, Su Yang made use of the vast majority of his psychic energy to create a powerful Sword Will which may kill the marvelous monster in a single affect.
Following getting rid of the wonderful monster, they immediately jogged out of the vicinity that might soon developed into a battlefield for other enchanting beasts preventing within the corpse.
Dual Cultivation
Su Yang tossed the small sword giving out an otherworldly aura in the awesome beast into the future, stabbing it directly between its eye.​​
“The Iced Azure Cave reaches the optimum point for this mountain / hill.” Su Yang reported.
The good thing is on their behalf, the mystical beasts they could only run away from were definitely impressive but gradual ent.i.ties— poor enough for Su Yang and Xiao Rong to flee unscathed.
“The Red-Confronted Lizard is not only effective but it possesses a great exclusive capability which can spit out toxic saliva that goes as quickly as a flying value and just about impossible to avoid, and unlike the mist it releases, its saliva is very poisonous and can instantly wipe out us when it even details it.”
She nodded.
Their movement methods were important contributors too, as Su Yang’s Nine Astral Ways was one of the better mobility approaches to the Four Divine Heavens while Xiao Rong was naturally swift on the foot.
A couple of hours later, after Su Yang healed virtually all his psychic electricity, they persisted to maneuver once more.
“The Iced Azure Cave is the peak in this mountain peak.” Su Yang explained.
“Master…” Xiao Rong checked out him, who has been sitting on the floor and developing.
Their journey continued for just a few even more days until it had been the time on the meeting.
Section 913 – Frosty Azure Cave

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