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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
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“Director Si, shouldn’t you give me an explanation for today?” Yi Lingjun’s term was menacing.
Si Yehan and Yi Lingjun were definitely the one individuals the family room.
“It’s my problem.” Si Yehan didn’t attempt to fight for himself and admitted his error straight.
Yi Lingjun nodded in satisfaction. “Given that you’re attentive. You’re great, but you still have to pay attention to a girl’s reputation…”
Si Yehan’s voice softened promptly. “You’re awake.”
Yi Lingjun harrumphed. “You continue to keep in mind the impacts? Regardless of whether you’re within a loved ones.h.i.+p with my woman, you continue to haven’t wedded but. What right practices will it be to take the evening together?”
Yi Lingjun nodded in satisfaction. “Provided that you’re aware. You’re excellent, but you still have to concentrate on a girl’s reputation…”
“Mmm… so noisy…”
Anyhow, Si Yehan seriously listened to anything Yi Lingjun claimed and neither justified himself nor solved rear. He even accepted his improper of their own volition, and with some phrases, he had been able break down over 1 / 2 of Yi Lingjun’s frustration.
Wasn’t this Director Si?
“Mn…” The delicate sound lured Ye Wanwan back to dreamland.
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Experiencing Ye Wanwan awoken from the noises, Si Yehan frowned and comfortingly patted her around the top of your head. “It’s not a thing, always keep asleep.”
Wasn’t this Director Si?
Disbelief filled Ye Wanwan’s face immediately. “What do you say? Sleep in split spaces? You’ve regarded me for so long do you feel I used to be vegan?”
Wasn’t this Director Si?
“Director Si, shouldn’t you give me an explanation for now?” Yi Lingjun’s manifestation was menacing.
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“You’re extremely proper, Director,” Si Yehan arranged.
Despite the fact that Ye Wanwan couldn’t even open up her eyeballs, she still accurately sensed Si Yehan’s site and walked toward him.
“I would choose to perceive where your fault is,” Yi Lingjun sternly demanded, similar to a parent-in-regulation evaluation his boy-in-regulations, his place stauncher than Ye Wanwan’s authentic dad, Nie Huaili.
“President, when you please.”
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Disbelief crammed Ye Wanwan’s face immediately. “What have you say? Slumber in individual areas? You’ve acknowledged me for such a long time do you consider I found myself vegan?”
“It’s my mistake.” Si Yehan didn’t make an effort to shield himself and accepted his problem directly.
Si Yehan: “…”
Wasn’t this Director Si?
Si Yehan responded, “I should’ve regarded as the effect on Wanwan.”
“Mn…” The gentle speech lured Ye Wanwan to dreamland.
Wasn’t this Director Si?
“Baby…” The sight of Ye Wanwan hazily pattering downstairs was seen promptly after.
“Director, in the event you you need to.”
Yi Lingjun was righteously lecturing his boy-in-laws seconds in the past, but his experience made natural dark colored as he listened to his little princess.
“Leader, should you make sure you.”
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Yi Lingjun looked at Ye Wanwan’s sloppy behaviour and angrily glared at her before dismissing the housekeeper and going for walks on the living area with Si Yehan.
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Soon after Ye Wanwan ended behind the couch, Si Yehan turned his top of your head and Ye Wanwan naturally bent down and smacked a kiss on his cheeks before complaining, “You offered you are going to sleep with me. How can you operate off halfway?”
This att.i.tude manufactured Yi Lingjun can not release also a tinge of his wrath.
As Yi Lingjun completed his obligation being a dad and seriously lectured his potential future daughter-in-regulations, footsteps were actually heard from upstairs.
This att.i.tude produced Yi Lingjun incapable of release just a tinge of his wrath.
Wasn’t Eldest Skip too impressive? She originally thinking Eldest Skip was merely conveying affection for Director Si, but it surely acquired only been a couple of days yet still Eldest Neglect experienced already drawn him to her your bed!
“You’re extremely correct, Director,” Si Yehan agreed.

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